The Collier Campbell Archive: 50 Years of Passion in Pattern


For the five decades of their partnership, sisters Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell were at the forefront of textile design, with their vibrant hand-painted patterns. They first made their names with stunning collections for Liberty of London Prints and, endlessly inventive, their work was taken up by fashion leaders including Yves Saint Laurent and Jaeger and major homeware producers, such as Habitat, Martex and Stevens, Fishbacher and P Kaufmann. Today, their collections of prints and patterns continue to be in great demand on the vintage markets.

Susan and Sarah were renowned for their handling of colour, painterly approach and signature ability to cheat the repeat in printing: qualities that infuse their work with a sense of fluidity, freshness and exuberance.

Drawn from the Collier Campbell Archive of over 30,000 pieces, including sketches, colourways and printers gams, fabric and wallpaper samples, clothing and diverse items bearing their designs, this book presents hundreds of their designs in a beautiful Gallery spanning the five decades of Susan and Sarah’s design partnership.

With a history telling the story of Susan and Sarah’s life together in design, a journey through their creative process, exclusive commentary from Sarah, quotes from the late Susan, and the voices of key collaborators and experts in the field, this beautiful collection cements their reputation as a key creative partnership in modern design.

Collier Campbell Archive samples

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The Art of Medicine

Over 2000 Years of Medicine in our Lives

Julie Anderson, Emm Barnes and Emma Shackleton


For thousands of years artists have played a special role in the human quest to understand anatomy, health and disease; this book celebrates their creativity and inquisitiveness using little-seen, stunning imagery from one of the world’s greatest collections.

The Wellcome Collection is based on the enormous bequest left by pioneering pharmacist Sir Henry Wellcome (1853-1936). For many years, he travelled the globe, acquiring any kind of art or artefact with a bearing on health and medical treatment: the resulting collection, spanning everything from oil paintings, to dentures, scrolls, glass eyes and illuminated books, numbers over a million pieces and forms a unique history of humankind’s growing understanding of ourselves and our world.

Using a wealth of previously rarely seen images from the collection, and telling the fascinating story of medical understanding worldwide, The Art of Medicine celebrates both medical advance and visual artistry.

Art of Medicine montage

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“Lucid, panoramic, and erudite… a compelling case for the value of medical history and the medical humanities—not merely as an adjunct to the triumphs and travails of the medical profession, but as the best window we have on humanity’s efforts to comprehend its own condition.”
Richard Barnett, The Lancet

“…. Two millennia of visual exploration from cultures such as ancient Persia and Renaissance Europe provide a stunning overview of how ideas about healing the body and mind have evolved.”
Nature, September 2011

“If pictures really were worth a thousand words, the selections contained here would equate to volumes of writings—serious, graphic novel, humorous, mysterious, fear-riddled, and awe-inspired…. With The Art of Medicine: Over 2,000 Years of Images and Imagination on your lap, a faraway gallery is made available—a gallery in which the past and the current worlds appear, both filtered through the art of medicine.”
Cynthia Doran, New York Journal of Books

“… this visually arresting, wide-ranging, and informative collection presents an encyclopedic global history of the body, illness, and medicine.”
Publishers Weekly

“visually luxurious. . . . a dramatic sojourn chronicling grotesque, burlesque, and beautiful representations of the human experience of visceral existence and transformations in the depiction of its meaning, understanding, and intellectual significance in historical cultures.”
Dorothy Porter, Journal of the American Medical Association

Recommended by Scientific American

A Q&A with Emma Mustich of